Surwahi Social is a 5-year-old child who is simply way ahead of its time. this can be attributed to the vision and most importantly perseverance of the founders who, not for even a moment did think of giving up. And it’s evident where it is today to set footprints in the industry dominated by big players, it was necessary for us to start somewhere. as it has happened with us that all we did was took the courage to take a step and beautiful events unfolded subsequently.

So, when IIM Sirmaur came to know about us and we came to know about their Centre of Sustainability and Environment Management, we decided no better platform than presenting our concept to the upcoming managers of an IIM.

A venue was fixed on the event of World Soil Day, as that’s the entire concept around which SSEK revolves. fortunately, the event was made an open one and we had listeners from various areas. it would have been an altogether different experience had it been on an offline platform, but ” ye bhi sahi hai….”. the kind of response that we got was simply beyond expectations. the students asked some beautiful questions and those were followed by some tricky bits from the faculty panel. but that is what we are grateful for. we were never about the moon and stars; we were about ground and soil and the earth from day one.

Having been greeted so beautifully, we aim to set foot on the next step with higher energy and positivity to ensure that the message we are trying to send is much deeper and greater than simply a business model.