Wilderness Coliving

Escape to serenity with wilderness coliving. Immerse in nature, form connections, and find harmony in community and solitude. Adventure awaits in the wild!

Living harmony is the main dream. Live harmoniously with others.


SSEK offers a Co-Living or bonded experience with the children, people, and other families. Our model is quite different making valuable tweaks to make living and life better for parents, adults as well as children. This model not only helps to enjoy a well-rounded lifestyle it also helps the guests to interact with the local community and helps to share knowledge. The local community is very much humble towards tourists because they also believe the mantras ‘Atithi Devo Bhava”.  Living under the same roof with sharing kitchen, dining with people possess similar thoughts and wish is a unique experience, where guest will love to interact with those who are similar to them.

We provide a unique construction and we named this structure as Maikal Express. It provides full freedom to our guests from eating their meals to sleeping. The place is quite peaceful, far away from the digital world.

We’ve adopted certain measures which keep the guests away from diseases like COVID-19 and also give the experience of shared living. We believe sharing is caring and also the place provides a fresh and healthy environment.


The term flora in Latin means “Goddess of the Flower.” We believe in protecting nature as well as wildlife animals and providing guests with it as their part of the traveling journey. The eco-system that SSEK is looking for is a bit different because we believe plants and animals have the same value as human beings. The biotic elements, flora, and fauna are the major key elements to fascinate tourists. An uncountable number of trees are there, most specifically Grand mahua, Uncle Umar, Cluster fig tree. The place is best for those who love nature, on the other hand, it also fascinates wildlife tourists. Writers, composer, musician, researchers, etc. can do their job under these beautiful trees. The pure green leaf a plant possess is not possible to observe in all the places but here our guests will get the advantage to observe. We make this place so it can create memories.

Nature provides a beautiful and peaceful environment, eating sleeping with nature gives a unique pleasure to our guests. Beautiful views can be observed through the window. Mahua view from the Satkone, Sanduk stream, Yoga well, fish pond are some water bodies near SSEK and around 400 meters ahead there is a river call Banjar river tributary of Ganga.

According to Roman mythology, Fauna or “Faunus” is the name of the goddess of fertility and another word “Fauns” which means “Forest spirits “. In terms of fauna, guests can observe different wild animals. As the place is nearby very famous well known Indian tiger reserve, known as Kanha Tiger Reserve. Besides tiger, there are lots of other animals also there. I would say the place is best for a wildlife photographer. Few of the animals are very rare. The govt. and society are very much caring towards wildlife animals.


The surroundings near the accommodation are rich in alluring beauty. The village is quite beautiful in terms of greenery. The place provides you scenic view of a typical Indian village, healthy foods are easily available which are free from chemicals. The water bodies, morning and evening views of the sun are some unimaginable beauty. The guest loves to have a cup of coffee or tea in front of this beautiful view.

We build our construction based on the fundamentals of conservation. We believe recycle, reuse of wastage materials. Even in our construction, we reuse many wastage materials because we believe that it is time to giving back to nature what we’ve taken.

This ten-acre estate provides guests a peaceful environment or we can say it as a non-disturbing area. The activity area inside this landmass provides a feeling of independence, which is suitable for all age groups. Few beautiful sitting spots under the tree helps the guests to listen to bird’s song and also suitable for jam.


The culture that the villagers hold is quite unique and it’s fascinating. They always welcome outsiders to visit their place, taste their food, and also participate in their festival. The villagers believe that sharing is caring. They love to show their skills in Infront of others. They hold various skills especially pottery making which not only fascinates the locals it also attracts the guests and the outsiders. They always maintain harmony. The environment and the culture are quite different than the urban people. For them, everyone belongs to their family.

The village farming is a unique experience for the guests, tourists can learn how villagers work and how they grow their crops. The sports activity inside our estate is favorable for all age groups.

There is a Friday market nearby the village, where people get healthy and fresh food. They do not use any chemicals to grow their food. Even the place is far from city area so the place is free from pollution as well. The best part for a guest to observe is the cultivation, agricultural field which is pure green. It fascinates mostly the urban people. Best place for rural or village tourists. Guests will get to see the beauty of a typical Indian village.

Our Accommodations

Bunk Bed Space

Spacious family room with comfortable bedding and individual storage.

Utility Area (Quarter Dome)

A versatile space for relaxation and storage, featuring eco-friendly architecture.


Hygienic and well-equipped facilities with eco-friendly designs.


A fully-equipped, open kitchen area for culinary explorations.

Central Leisure Area (Satkone)

A multipurpose space for dining, entertainment, and relaxation, showcasing unique architectural design.

Entrance and Corridor

Welcoming spaces that connect different areas of the accommodation.

Skylight Terrace

A perfect spot for enjoying breathtaking views and celestial photography.

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Embark on a visual journey through our gallery, where every image tells a story of the untouched beauty surrounding Surwahi Social Ecoestate.