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We're always here to help you with your queries and to provide more information about our eco-friendly co-living space. Feel free to reach out to us – whether you're planning your next escape into the wilderness, curious about sustainable living, or just want to say hello!

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We invite you to explore Surwahi, not just as a real estate opportunity but as an invitation to be part of something greater—a vibrant, sustainable, and nurturing community that embraces the best of the natural world.

Join us at Surwahi Social Eco Estate, where the dream of eco-conscious living becomes a reality, and where your story becomes intertwined with the legacy of a greener, kinder, and more connected tomorrow.
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Surwahi Social, Village Surwahi, P.O Majgaon, Tehsil Paraswada, District Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh – 481111