Surwahi Social Kanha – Coliving in wilderness

Major districts of Kanha – Balaghat and Mandla

Mandla is a district in Madhya Pradesh in central India that covers an area of 8771 sq km. It falls under the Jabalpur division. The southern part of the district consists of Sal forests and rolling grass plains along the Raigarh – Bichhiya track and a part of this track are occupied by the Kanha National Park, now a Tiger Reserve. The headquarters of the Kanha Tiger Reserve is in Mandla. The district is mostly inhabited by the Gond tribe and other adivasi tribes.

Balaghat is another district in Madhya Pradesh that covers the southernmost part of Jabalpur division, covering an area of 9229 sq km. On the north, it is bounded by Mandla district. A major part of the Kanha Tiger Reserve is spread out into this district. The district also has the country’s leading manganese and copper mines.

Both the districts are similar in the sense that major parts of both are forested areas with diverse biodiversity. Both the districts feature under the country’s most backward districts. Zone distribution of the Kanha Tiger Reserve –

1. Zone distribution of Kanha Tiger Reserve

ZoneTotal Area (sq km)

2. Core zones and buffer zones distribution in the two districts of Mandla and Balaghat

DistrictsCore Zones of KTR that fall in this districtBuffer zones of KTR that fall in
this district
Mandla Kisli and Kanha zones
covering an area of 409.82 sq km
Khatia, Garhi and Sijhora
covering an area of 405.72 sq
BalaghatMukki, Bhaisangat & Supkhar zones
spread over an area of 530.12 sq km
Khapa, Samnapur, Garhi and
Sijhora with a total area of
603.97 sq km
Katiya Gate Of KNP

3. Details of location of gates in the districts and the nearest railway station and airport

DistrictsGates of KTR that
fall into this district
cities (by
distance from
the nearest
railway station
MandlaKhatia towards the
western side of
the Park. The
newly opened
Sarhi Gate also is
in the Mandla
(185 Km)
Nainpur51 Km or 1 hourJabalpur
(185 Km)
BalaghatMukki at the
south-eastern side
(180 Km)
Bilaspur193 Km or 4 hourJabalpur
(229 Km)

4. Major Tehsils of both districts which fall under KTR Mandla District – Mandla and Dindori Tehsil , Balaghat District – Baihar, Paraswada, Balaghat, Lanji and Waraseoni Tehsils

5. Field Director and KTR’s forests main office details are as follows –
Mandla (Madhya Pradesh). PIN 481 661 
Tel: 07642-250760 (O)
Fax: 07642-251266 (O)

6. Surwahi Social Location with respect to the two districts – Surwahi Social, a unique homestay and coliving leisure accommodation space in Kanha is situated in the Paraswada Tehsil of Balaghat district though on its border. As a result of its closer to Mandla district centre (60 Km) than Balaghat district centre (90 Km). This, however, ensures that Surwahi Social is centrally located from both major gates of KTR. It’s about 30 km from the Mukki gate in the same district and about 20 km from Khatia in the Mandla district.

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