Banjar River - Lifeline Of Kanha

Experience the mesmerising beauty of Kanha. Uncover the role played by the Banjar River in supporting the ecosystem. Delve the biodiversity of the park.

Banjar River general information and facts

The topography of the Kanha Tiger Reserve (KTR) is intersected by two river valleys – the Banjar river valley on the west and the Hallon river valley on the east.

Banjar River origin and location

A tributary of Narmada, the Banjar River flows through the Buffer Zone – about 64 km from the Park’s western gate along the north-western direction – and is regarded as the life of KTR because it is an important source of water for the thriving flora and fauna of the Kanha National Park, on the western boundary of the Park.

River Banjar merging with Narmada at Mandla

The Banjar River merges with the Narmada River between Ramnagar and Mandla districts in Madhya Pradesh. Narmada flows through the town of Dindori, Sarasdoli, Singarpur and Ramnagar ruins in Mandla before the Banjar River which is one of its major tributaries joins it from the left-hand side near Mandla.

Bridges and waterfalls of Banjar River


Several bridges have been constructed across the Banjar River. The Baglipat Bride lies near Surwahi Social Ecoestate Kanha. The Banjar River cuts through the plains of Madhya Pradesh and acts as a divider between the villages of Surwahi and Sarkeha. The Baglipat Bridge is built over the Banjar River and is very close to the Baglipat Mandir. The Bridge connects both the villages. The place is about 300 metres or 4 minutes’ walk from Surwahi Social Ecoestate Kanha which is located on the Surwahi side of the River. During heavy rains and the monsoon season, when the volume of water increases in the Banjar River, the view from the Bridge of the roaring River is amazing and worth a hundred clicks. The proximity of SSEK from the bridge can be easily gauged from the pictorial depiction below.

Waterfalls of the Banjar River

The Ghugara, also locally called Ghogra Waterfall at Ghogharikhapa Check Dam is one of the amazing places for tourists to visit in and around the Kanha National Park. This waterfall is part of the Banjar River. The waterfall is located at Jamsavli near the Jamsvali Temple. Surrounded by stones of all sizes and a rocky terrain, that can get quite slippery during monsoons and heavy rains, the waterfall is marked by cool clear water that provides for the perfect family outing. People from all over flock here except the hot summers. The sight is awesome due to its exclusive location and the scampering water that moves through the natural rocky landscape unharmed by human intervention.

Places near to the waterfall include Paradsinga, Mohgaon, Sausar, Berdi, Rangari, MP Border Check post, Lodhikheda, Chhindwara Road, Kolar Dam, Ghogri, Lohangi, Khekra Nala Dam and Lohgad.

Surwahi Social Ecoestate Kanha and the Banjar River connection

Proximity of Banjar to Surwahi Social Kanha

Surwahi Social Ecoestate Kanha, an upcoming site that is a true reflection of eco-friendly and sustainable tourism project is in the Paraswada Tehsil in Surwahi Village. Since the River Banjar flows through the village, the site of SSEK is near the river. Guests staying at SSEK can literally walk down towards the river and enjoy the serene tranquillity of the place broken by the natural sounds of the flowing river.

The Sanduk Nala, a small stream cuts through the Surwahi region from the other side to meet and merge with the Banjar River at about 500 meters from the location of Surwahi Social Ecoestate Kanha. The merging point of the two water bodies being so close to SSEK is enhanced by the fact that the Sanduk Nala passes very close to the SSEK site before meeting the River. This adds value to the eco-tourist site of SSEK – with two of the region’s mighty natural elements winding so close by, guests staying at the site can immerse themselves in the innate essence of Mother Earth and the surroundings, away from the hustle-bustle of city life.

The satellite picture below depicts the position of Surwahi Social Ecoestate Kanha, located strategically between the Banjar River on the right and the Sanduk Nala on the left.

The emotional connection between Surwahi Social Ecoestate Kanha, the Banjar River and Kanha

For travellers and tourists looking out to experience a holistic and fulfilling ecotourism experience, the upcoming Surwahi Social Ecoestate Kanha Homestay is the perfect answer. How?

Kanha and Banjar are entwined in a unique manner with this upcoming project like never. While resident guests at Surwahi might be checking into the property primarily for the Kanha National Park, many of their escapades and activities at the Homestay will revolve around the river, its banks, the bridge, the waterfall and the Sanduk Nala. In fact, the management of the project might in the future look into setting up tents on the banks of the river to provide an enviable camping experience to tourists to Kanha. Here are few experiences that guests can look forward to when staying here: –

Tourists visiting the Kanha National Park will have options of booking a luxurious stay in the lap of nature with some premium choices of accommodation closer to the River Banjar.

An upcoming project that is slated for October 2020 opening is the Surwahi Social Ecoestate Kanha. The site located at a walking distance from the Banjar River is spread out on an area of 10.5 acres. A project that aims at sustainable tourism through the development of local indigenous aspects is an eco-friendly initiative that enables guests to experience the biodiversity of the region. While all other existing stay options near the Banjar River and the Kanha National Park are spread-out resorts or multi-storeyed hotels, Surwahi Social Kahna is the only one that promises to provide visitors with a wholesome Homestay experience par excellence.

Beyond Surwahi Social Ecoestate Kanha here are three additional existing superior quality accommodation options for travellers who are keen to stay next to river Banjar –

  1. Taj Banjar Tola – located on the banks of Banjar River and in very close vicinity to the Kanha National Park, this is a safari lodge that has two camps with nine tents each with their own swimming pool and lounge. The cuisine, the decorative and the ambience in this resort spread over 90 acres of land is rich with tribal flavours and ethnicity.
  2. Wild Chalet Resort – another popular river-side resort overlooking the River Banjar and located on the Kisli side of the Kanha National Park, the property has 32 cottages. A mid-segment forest lodge it is an ideal venue for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers to stay and plan their jungle safari.
  3. 7 Tigers Resort – located in the Bheemlat village of Balaghat, it is another inspiring jungle lodge on the banks of River Banjar providing tourists with an enriching experience of staying so close to nature, amidst natural green vegetation, just miles away from the Kanha National Park and a river flowing by.

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A perfect spot for enjoying breathtaking views and celestial photography.

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