Non Safari Activities

Discover non-safari activities in Khatia Gate Zone, Kanha. Plan your trip for nature walks, cultural experiences, and the area's biodiversity and local charm.

Kanha National Park lying between the districts of Balaghat and Mandla in Madhya Pradesh and spread over an area of 940 sq. km is no less than a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts. It is home to Royal Bengal Tigers, the Barasingha, and a variety of diversified flora and fauna. It is the right place for a jeep safari to catch these animals and birds in their natural habitation. Visitors to Kanha, however, can look forward to some other equally exciting and thrilling activities, beyond safari in Khatia Kanha that promise to leave them impressed forever.

Things to do beyond safari around Khatia Kanha, include –

  1. Take a dip in the refreshing waters of the River at a designated place near Surwahi Social. The river is mostly serene and hence provides one of the best non-safari experiences at Khatia Kanha enabling travellers to take a cool break from the hectic safari and other adventure activities.
  2. Enjoy some exciting moments while bathing at the Gidli Ghogra Waterfalls near Surwahi Social.
  3. Spend some relaxing time on the banks of river Banjar, especially guests who are booked for a stay at one of the hotels, lodges or resorts that are located near the Banjar River. A barefoot walk on the sandy bank of the river is as satisfying as spending time with the family at a day picnic or a high-tea session on the banks.
  4. Sanduk Nala Stop Dam Visit – A Stop Dam is being constructed across the Sanduk Nala just on the periphery of Surwahi Social by the Surwahi Khairlanji Panchayat. The Sanduk Nala is a perennial small stream that flows across the Surwahi village, adjacent to Surwahi Social Kanha and meets the Banjar River, about few hundred metres from the Homestay. The water conservation structure is expected to go live in another two months with construction in full swing. The project that will lead to the creation of an artificial lake is going to be a big boon to the local village that often faces a shortage of water for drinking and agriculture purpose during drought summer months. A walk down the stream to its merging point with the Banjar River and the view of the artificial lake is one of the best things to do beyond safari around Khatia Kanha.

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