Safari Timings and Booking

Discover wildlife at Kanha Park with our safari guide. Find optimal viewing times for seamless bookings and a memorable adventure.

Unraveling the Mystique of Kanha Jeep Safari: Your Ultimate Guide

Embarking on a journey through the wilderness of Kanha National Park is an adventure enthusiasts' dream, and the Jeep Safari stands as the quintessential means to explore the rich biodiversity. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of the Kanha Jeep Safari, providing valuable insights, tips, and detailed information that ensures an unforgettable wildlife experience.

Types of Safaris in Kanha National Park

1. Jeep Safari:
2. Canter Safari:
3. Guided Nature Trails:

Understanding Vehicle Permits

To partake in the Jeep Safari, tourists can opt for two types of vehicle permits:

a. Full Vehicle Permit:
b. Single Seat Vehicle Permit:

Navigating Core and Buffer Zones

Core Zone - Gate Entry Details
  1. Kisli Zone:
  2. Morning and evening safari via Khatia and Mukki gates with a Full Permit Vehicle.
  3. Morning safari via Sarhi gate with a Full Permit Vehicle.
  4. Single-vehicle permit entry through Khatia gate.
  5. Mukki Zone:
  6. Full permit vehicle entry through Khatia and Mukki gates for both morning and evening safaris.
  7. Single-vehicle permits allowed only through the Mukki gate.
  8. Sarhi Zone:
  9. Full Vehicle Permit access through Khatia and Sarhi gates.
  10. Single-vehicle permit entry exclusively via Sarhi gate for both morning and evening.
Buffer Zone - Kanha Gate Entry Details
  1. Khatia Zone:
  2. Morning and evening entry via the Khatia gate.
  3. Restricted to Full Vehicle Permits only.
  4. Khapa Zone:
  5. Morning and evening entry via the Mukki gate.
  6. Sijora Zone:
  7. Morning and evening access through the Sarhi gate.
  8. Phen Zone:
  9. Morning and evening entry via Ghurri, Barrier, and Mukki Gates.

Ideal Safari Timings and Seasons

Safari Timings - Summer & Winter Season

Night Safari and Jungle Evening Walk

Safari Etiquette - Do’s and Don’ts

  1. No Smoking or Fire:
  2. Strictly prohibited in the forest.
  3. Litter Management:
  4. Dispose of potential hazardous items responsibly.
  5. Respect Wildlife Space:
  6. Avoid rushing; drive slowly to respect wildlife.
  7. Stay on Designated Trails:
  8. Do not veer off approved routes.
  9. Stay in the Vehicle:
  10. Embark only at designated places.
  11. Noise-Free Zone:
  12. Maintain a noise-free environment during safaris.
  13. Respect Flora and Fauna:
  14. Avoid touching plants or consuming forest resources.
  15. Guided Safaris:
  16. Guides are mandatory for all safaris and walks.

Safari Bookings and Availability

Cancellation Policy

In the pursuit of an unparalleled wildlife adventure at Kanha National Park, understanding the nuances of safari types, permit intricacies, and adhering to ethical wildlife practices is essential. This comprehensive guide equips you with the knowledge to optimize your Kanha Jeep Safari experience.

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