Tribals Of Kanha - Baiga And Gond

Explore Kanha's Baiga and Gond tribes, rich in tradition, art, and deep connection to the land. Immerse in authentic cultural heritage for a unique experience.

The Baiga and the Gond tribes are indigenous to the Mandla and the Balaghat districts of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. When Kanha was declared a national park in 1955 many of these native tribals were evicted from their place of origin in the larger good of conserving the wildlife of the place. Today both these tribes live in the surrounding areas of the Kanha National Park, mostly to be found in towards the Mukki zone. Both the tribes are known to exist side by side in the forest through the Gond tribe is economically and financially stronger and prosperous than the Baiga tribe and have a much modernized and higher standards of living.

In the description below the distinction and the similarities between both the predominant tribes of Kanha is discussed in detail.

Baiga Tribals of Kanha


The Baiga tribals of Kanha was majorly dependent on the forest for their daily livelihood before 1955. Now they are no longer allowed to collect firewood from the forested area and need to walk for miles in search of wood. Their lifestyle is marked with primitive and semi-nomadic existence making one feel as if time has stopped centuries ago.

Food habits
Connections with the local wildlife and jungles of Kanha

Gond Tribals of Kanha


The Gonds are known as hill people and they are known to be great defenders of their land. Their folklore consists of narratives of the bravery of their ancestors.

Food Habits
Connections with the local wildlife and jungles of Kanha

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