Experience luxury and eco-friendliness at Surwahi Social Ecoestate Kanha. Best homestay near Kanha Tiger Reserve, home surrounded by nature and local culture.

Surwhai Social Ecoestate Kanha, we added the term social because we believe to live in a society with people and nature together, it will give you experience in every aspect the best way to learn about others culture and their lifestyle. The place provides a unique luxury eco-friendly accommodation which will give you the required facilities, a feeling of home away from home, free from every pollution, and the safest and most secure accommodation near Kanha Tiger Reserve. The Maikal Express will give you a unique experience because the construction and the structure that we made are not available in any places in India. We provide full freedom to our guests from eating their meals to roaming space, sleeping area, etc. The beautiful view through skylights is very rare in Indian accommodation, especially in hotels. A unique experience of Satkone, which is very much suitable for guests to mingle, storytelling, jamming, brainstorming, playing verbal and non-verbal games, and watching area for entertainment. A beautiful entrance (ramp & stair entrance) & corridor. The beautiful skylight terrace provides you an alluring beauty of the village and the top & beautiful scenic view of SSEK

Surwahi Social Ecoestate Kanha the best homestay near Kanha National Park provides all guests a unique experience and in terms of hospitality and lodging, the guests will get the best services where they will get a feeling of home away from home. The village Surwahi is the best place to experience the feeling of a typical Indian village.


The place is very much flexible for guests this is because we provide every possible freedom to guests as per their wants or needs. Guests get the freedom to set their flexible time for their meal and eat anywhere as per their wish. Freedom to do bone fire, walks, jamming sessions, poetry writing, painting wall, etc. A perfect place for recreational activities. The guests can sleep anywhere outside or inside the dormitory based on their comfort zone. An ample amount of space is there so guests can play sports or can read novels outside the dormitory as well. No restriction in the dress code, the guests are free to wear anything they want. If the guest needs a separate space we will provide it. An ample number of spaces are there in the activity area and with reused materials, we provide lots of playing and other options for the guests.

We design the place in such a way that every tourist feels as it is their own property or home. We believe in relationships, so we try to make a good relation with our guests so that they feel free to ask what they want and feel free to do what they want to do in an efficient manner so that it will not harm the natural habitat. We organize special occasions like the puja festival to encourage tourists to participate and organize their birthdays, anniversary, etc. The guests can change their bed with prior notice. Tourists can change their mealtime, sleeping area, sitting location, etc. The place is huge with full green which is only for tourists and nature, tourists can have his/her tea or coffee in the morning and evening while listening to the birds clattering.


The tourist will get the liberty to do all the provided options available in SSEK. The guests who are interested in singing or playing musical instruments will get the benefits to play or sing anywhere. Tourists can organize jamming sessions or can sing with the birds early in the morning. Guests who love poetry can perform and even create under the beautiful trees or anywhere they want. The play area is there for children, adults, and for mature who loves to play. The place will help everyone to open up the skills. Best place to explore skills and talent which will give the confidence to discover. For adventurous tourism, we provide some unique are and options like rope climbing, climbing through the bladder, etc. Freedom to move anywhere inside as well as outside because the locality is very friendly and very humble.


Firstly, no strangers are allowed inside the area and a thorough process is there for entry of the guests. We provide separate privacy as per guest request. The guests will get a separate place for study, poetry making, lyrics writing, etc. We also welcome research scholars, so if they come, they will get private space to continue their research work. The data and the information we will collect from tourists will be confidential. We made this place only for tourists so that they get a homely feeling. We provide everything possible from our side to our guests. Our guests will be able to maintain their privacy in terms of eating, choosing, and making meals, in terms of sleeping, roaming, morning & evening walk, etc. The population density of the place is very low which is very much sustainable for living and feeling safe from covid-19 like a pandemic and free from pickpocketing, bag snatching, mugging, etc.

Wellness & Hygiene

We provide fresh local food for our guest, so guest can enjoy their healthy meals. Living in a place with pure and fresh air and with flora & fauna provides fresh nature-based living. In terms of wellness tourism, the place is suitable for a tourist to get Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual wellness. Some of the extra benefits that our guests will receive are customized laundry, ample amount of space which makes the place free from pollution and free from crowd because it is a secluded place, green vistas, ample sunlight etc. The place is safe from covid-19. We sanitize the whole area and all day we do cleaning work to maintain its beauty. Other hotels and market area are around 3 to 4 km so, the wave of covid-19 yet not impacted the area and nearby village people.

To provide safe and secure living for our guest in this pandemic and to tackle future issues we follow – proper sanitation, temperature checks, social distancing due to large area and less staff, mask adherence, limiting entry of external folks withing the private estate etc


The conscious luxury alternate accommodation provides the guest an outstanding experience as the services that we provide are unique and fully satisfying and also the density is quite low if we compared with other hotels and homestays. The place is quite peaceful and nature friendly. Our homestays welcome all types of tourists like rural, adventurous, wildlife tourists, etc. as the accommodation’s costs are very economical that again welcome middle-class people as well. Our mission is to achieve sustainable development goals by always taking into account of carbon footprint. That is why guests and local people say it’s the best homestay in Kanha.

The place is open for all but specifically, one category that is group tourisms enjoy the most and get the best unique experience. And in terms of hospitality, the tourist will get the best experience because our mission is to provide all services to the guests so that guest also feels like it as a home away from home. For us, guests are equivalent to god and we try to give the best services in terms of hospitality and try to give the best experience. That is why we follow the mantra-


Salban – the Kanha Homestay

A popular home-stay of Kanha, this simple low-rise building is a home-stay in the true sense of the word. The place has two rooms – one a double-bedded room on the ground floor and the other a twin-bedded room on the first floor with a common living area on the ground floor that enables visitors to experience the quintessence of the forest and nature in the most natural manner. Home-made fresh food made from vegetables grown in-house, this red brick-wall house is about 7 km from the Mukki gate of the National Park. The house is built on an area of 11 acres and most of it is covered with different species of plants, herbs, and an organic vegetable garden.

Courtyard House, Kanha

Located on the periphery of the Kanha National Park – at Soona Ghat in the Buffer Zone of the Park in the rural hamlet of Patpara, the place has been done up tastefully keeping the local tribal culture and the British Indian architecture in mind. The place is close to the Khatia gate of the Park. Privately owned by a couple, the place has been made to provide tourists with super luxury accommodations surrounded by all modern amenities in the midst of the thick dense forest area and the isolation from the hustle-bustle of the city.

Gharounda Homestay, Sarhi, Kanha

This is another small little homelyhomestay accommodation in Kanha Tiger Reservethat has two rooms made in rustic village style. Then there is a dining space with a separate campfire area and also a Golghar or around the room. The construction has been done in alignment with the natural materials available here – thatched roofs, bamboos, and even mats made from jute plants. With minimal use of furniture, buckets for taking baths, air coolers and fans, a well-maintained lawn area, own jeep for jungle safari, authentic food, this place is about 1 km from the Sarhi gate of the Kanha National Park. Providing some awesome authentic healthy food with one of the local village family being an owner of the place, the simplicity of the people along with the natural beauty makes for a memorable stay here.

Kamp Kamouflage Kanha (KKK) Homestay

Located at village Parsatola near the Kanha National Park(KNP) are harmony personified surrounded by stretches of Sal and Mahua trees and well-protected by bamboo trees keeping the basic elements of mother Earth intact. Located in the buffer zone of the National Park, the highlight of this experiential home-stay near Kanha national park are – the cottages and the treehouses that have been designed minimally and built using sustainable methods and materials with minimal disturbance to the flora and fauna of the place. Organic home-grown vegetables help prepare some tasty genuine local dishes while fruits from trees are plucked and served fresh to all the guests.

Flame of the Forest

A home for the adventure-lovers in the wilderness of the forest, this stay was born out of the owners’ passion to stay as close to nature as possible. Amidst the natural greenery of the Kanha National Park, the lodge is located in the Kuthwahi village under the Rata Post Office in the Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh. 2000 trees were planted manually, watered, and carefully monitored so that the barren land could turn into a forest habitat with every part of the home-stay curated by hand by the local craftsmen. A passion of labor by the owner trio, this home-stay near Kanha holds a great promise of a blissful stay on the outskirts of the Kanha.

Our Accommodations

Bunk Bed Space

Spacious family room with comfortable bedding and individual storage.

Utility Area (Quarter Dome)

A versatile space for relaxation and storage, featuring eco-friendly architecture.


Hygienic and well-equipped facilities with eco-friendly designs.


A fully-equipped, open kitchen area for culinary explorations.

Central Leisure Area (Satkone)

A multipurpose space for dining, entertainment, and relaxation, showcasing unique architectural design.

Entrance and Corridor

Welcoming spaces that connect different areas of the accommodation.

Skylight Terrace

A perfect spot for enjoying breathtaking views and celestial photography.

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